06 March 2017

New Zealand’s latest skate park is now open

Incorporating the aesthetic of New Zealand’s volcanic fields with the orange and red colours mirroring the look of hot flowing lava, Auckland is home to the latest Convic skate park. Officialy opening on the 25th of February, Valonia Skate Park – designed in collaboration with the Well-Connected Alliance, Auckland council and the local community – is a welcome addition to the skate scene.

The park has been designed to allow for a higher capacity of users and is suitable for intermediate to advanced level skaters. It starts at its highest point in a ‘crater’ before running through a series of lava-coloured terraces and skateable features such as bowls, banks, quarter pipes and rails.

A half-sized basketball court, also designed with a volcanic theme, has been built next to the skate park. “It’s a fantastic playground,” says the Transport Agency’s Regional Director for Auckland and Northland, Ernst Zöllner.

Click here to see more images of this amazing space.