01 November 2017

ABC Radio and The West Australian feature the Onslow Skate Space

Following on from the recent national award win, the Onslow Skate Space continues to draw attention across the country.

Having just won the AILA National Award of Excellence for Play Spaces, the Onslow Skate Space has been featured in both The West Australian and on ABC Radio’s ‘Blueprint for Living’.

The ABC Radio interview with Johnathan Green talks not only about the design and inspiration of the space and the involvement of the local youth in that process, but also the challenges of building a skate park in one of the most remote locations in the country.

Some great recognition for an amazing space that is the transforming the lives of the local community.

Have listen to the radio interview with Convic’s lead designer of the Onslow Skate Park here.

And to see more images of the space, click here.