18 June 2014

A highly anticipated skate park opens in Christchurch, New Zealand

Working closely with the local Council in Christchurch, New Zealand and the local skate community, Convic created a concept for the extension and upgrade of Washington Reserve Skate Park that is impressive at over 2000m2 with a lot of unique features to appeal to all levels of users in the community.

The park includes an entry skate plaza area, a large terrain area including street sections and a beginner bowl, a large intermediate to advanced bowl area which includes a 5.4m high cradle and a stair area with planter boxes, skate ramps and other features.

Convic teamed up with local New Zealand based contractor Hunter Civil to deliver an outstanding result for Christchurch. The park was completed approximately 8 weeks early, and has been a highly anticipated upgrade that continues to draw crowds and spectators alike.