Located on the Mandurah waterfront in a prominent location and drawing inspiration from the Peel Harvey Estuary and its constantly shifting form an change through coastal processes and erosion, the 5000 sqm Mandurah Skate Park facility is a welcome addition to the community.

The facility has four key zones that terrace down towards the esturary. An advanced competition bowl is at the rear of the site that forms level pedestrian access to the iconic Mandurah Bridge. This benched platform creates views across the facility with the scenic estuary as the backdrop.An intermediate transition flow area is located centrally, and a low-level street plaza and half basketball court sits at ground level and allows open views through to the estuary.

Key elements include an organic accessible pedestrian pathway that snakes around the facility and allows spectators to be involved in the action. Recycled jetty posts that pay homage to the old Mandurah bridge, ‘blue manna’ crab skate rails, limestone terraced amphitheater and custom shade shelters.

Convic have been involved from the outset and formed a special relationship with the local community with ongoing consultation through concept design, documentation, construction and now activating the space upon opening.

Check out the video of this amazing space!