The Glebe Skate Plaza is a unique take on an inner-city skate plaza that has been designed and built to celebrate the heritage listed light rail brick viaduct that dissects the site. It is now a highly activated and dynamic entrance for the broader redevelopment of Federal Park. A significant urban renewal project completed for the City of Sydney.

The revitalisation of the site has transformed what was a privately owned ‘back of house’ concrete storage yard into an active recreation space within Sydney’s public realm. The plaza has integrated the viaduct allowing users to skate under the iconic arches forming connections into other recreation program occurring within Federal Park.

The plaza incorporates a variety of heritage materials, including recycled brick, reminiscent of Sydney’s industrial history. Included within the plaza are a number of skate features that replicate iconic skate spots within Sydney’s urban realm. The combination of these features, textural changes in the material palette and skate moments that pop in and out from under the railway bridge make a one-of-a-kind user experience. It is a modern skate plaza that feels intertwined within the rich locomotive history of the site.