Located in Hallett Cove, a coastal Suburb of Adelaide, the Capella Reserve Youth Space is a redevelopment of an iconic Adelaide skatepark. Embedded into steep topography, the multi-purpose facility activates a family friendly precinct as it cascades down the hillside setting. Capitalising on sunset views the space promotes sightlines towards an ocean lookout and beyond.

The precinct incorporates a range of active recreation program including a skatepark, half court, bouldering wall, central pedestrian area and carpark. Providing a multi-discipline skatepark, a snake run and open plaza pays homage to the much-loved aspects of the previous skatepark through contemporary flow lines and unique obstacles.

Reflecting the surrounding protected shrubland vegetation a strict material and colour palette defines the space. Earthy tones, limestone boulders and native vegetation defines skate zones and pedestrian areas within the space.