23 October 2017

X-Dubai Skate Park impacts girls skate scene in Dubai

We’re blown away by the impact the X-Dubai skate park that we designed and built is having on the girl’s skate scene.

Check out this video and article in The National.

From the article: “Candi Fanucci who is the operations manager at XDubai Skatepark, “Skateboarding has always been a social sport,” Ms Fanucci said.

“The XGames has helped change the perception by developing female-only skateboarding events and a brand. Female icons have changed the perception and their hard work is paying off now.

“The way the XDubai skatepark has been built, with greenery and its close proximity to the beach, lends itself to a social environment. It encourages kids to go outdoors, do sport and enjoy themselves.

“They can socialise in a different, safe environment. On Thursday through to Saturday you can’t move in the park it is so busy. Skateboarding helps to build social skills in a healthy environment for young people.”

To see more images of the park, click here.