The newly opened Ryde Outdoor Youth Space has added a dynamic new facility to the City of Ryde and its community. Encompassing an area of 5000 sqm – and over 2500 sqm of that dedicated skate area – it truly has something for everyone.

The Ryde Outdoor Youth Space is centred around a flowing skate area that includes a competition level kidney bowl, technical mini bowl with unique escalating level changes and a spacious flowing street area that allows users to define different paths through the space. Obstacles include granite ledges, rock jumps and garden gaps.

Enclosing the concrete skate park is an inter connecting beginners play path with informal routes leading to various active and passive recreation pods. Pods include parkour, bouldering, outdoor ping pong, play, and BBQ /picnic areas.

The organic form and natural architecture of the pods within the Ryde Outdoor Youth space take inspiration from the Parramatta River mangrove forest’s and the rich diversity of animal and plant species.